60 Years Robos A Company with a fine Tradition.

Proven quality in label printing for many decades.

1960 Creation of Robos GmbH & Co. KG

Robos GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1960, the name was just different. At the beginning the principle activity of the company was to identify / detect the label requirements of other companies and to supply them with reliable suppliers. Another major object was the production of labels in silk screen process printing.

1965 Installation of the Production in Schwanheim

The typographical beginning of the production was in the existing buildings, but already in 1966 one thought about constructing a new building. The thought became a reality in 1967. In 1974 and 1976 two more additions were added. Among the most important technical attainments there were the various modern roll screen printing machines in the sixties and seventies.

1989 Harry Reuter takes over the Management

Mr. Kujacinski, Mr. Veigel and Mr. Reuter get participators. Mr. Reuter takes over the management of the company. When changing the management, there are first thoughts about relocation. For the administration a new building is planned in Kornwestheim. 1990 – Robos moves into the new building in the Moldengraben area. Further investments into modern screen printing and letterpress printing are made.

1992 Foundation of the Daughter Company Folit GmbH

At the beginning of the nineties the question comes up who is able to cut the raw material from the mother / master rolls into individual slim rolls for the company and other firms of the printing industry. For this purpose Robos establishes the daughter company Folit. Her main activity is to source and further process the foil master rolls. Computer-controlled cutting devices allow cuttings with millimetre accuracy. The administration is situated in Kornwestheim as well.

2002 Moving into the new addition in Kornwestheim

In the year 2000 the space for warehousing and administration in Kornwestheim is nearly exhausted. The company is growing and there are new members to the staff. The administration in Kornwestheim expands the capacities by a new addition in the existing building stock. That project is running about two years. In the year 2002 the move-in can be celebrated.

2004 The beginning of the age of digital printing

Technical development takes a big step forward and brings important technical innovations also to the printing industry. A new digital printing field is added to the classical analogue printing field. Sieves, films, printing cylinders, printing plates are nor longer necessary. Printing gets more cost-effective and faster. With the worldwide first generation of a digital serial machine Robos starts into the age of digital printing. 2010 and 2013 further modern digital printing machines are added.

2013 Relaunch of the Robos-Homepage

Working processes in the company are used to be controlled, optimised and certified continuously. By investing into the HP Indigo WS 6600, an ultra-modern digital printing machine of the up-to-date generation, the demands of the customers can be realised even more rapidly and more flexibly. There is an important impact of the internet as to finding and maintaining of business relations. The relaunch of the Robos Homepage: It is more attractive than ever. An extensive label lexicon is added.

2015 Robos GmbH & Co. KG celebrates 55th anniversary.

The portfolio of Robos has been expanded continuously. We offer digital, flexographic, letterpress and silkscreen printings as a web printing. In our portfolio you can find special products like booklets or multi-layer-labels and different refinement processes as well.

By this time Robos is a member of VSKE, the association of the label manufacturers in Germany, and FINAT, the international counterpart to the German labelling association. Trainings and congresses offer a possibility to exchange important news and also provide information about the current developments.

2016 The launch of an ERP system and of the ESKO WebCenter as well as the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building.

A new ERP system was launched in April. It organizes all processes – from calculation, sales, and production planning via logistics through to the controlling.

In October, the ESKO WebCenter was added. This is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that manages packaging preproduction specification, approval, and project life cycle. This application simplifies the printing data archiving, type management as well as the correction creation process and print approval between Robos and its customers.

In November, a building lot of approx. 8000 m² (approx. 2 ac) in Kornwestheim was acquired. In the planned new building the administration and production of the company Robos as well as their subsidiary Folit shall be placed starting from August 2017. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Dec. 02, 2016.

2017 Moving to the new building Im Moldengraben 47 in Kornwestheim.

In the last days of 2017 following the production department, the administration has also moved to the modern new building. Now all Robos' employees are consolidated, and the subsidiary Folit is again in the same building as well.

2019 Daniel Sugg and Simon Reuter take over the management

In January 2019 Daniel Sugg and Simon Reuter take over the management. Harry Reuter will continue to work as Key Account Manager in the company.