Blanked Parts The flexible Solution.

Neutral Labels – blanked with highest Precision.

Neutral labels are not printed they mostly are marked on site. They can be made from all materials Robos have at their command. Depending on the equipment available and the quantity of impressions the orders will be produced either fully-rotary or semi-rotary. Rear black-marks can be printed on in letterpress printing or in flexo printing if required.

Blanked Parts for the Industry – Neutral Labels with Special Function.

Blanked parts provide manifold protection of parts in the automotive and electrical industries. The production programme of Robos reaches from blanked parts from transfer adhesives to foil stamping parts that are applied as sealing elements, protecting elements or damping elements. Highly precise die-cutting systems ensure most narrow tolerances, as especially required by the automotive and electronic industries. A large variety of materials tops off the production line.