Booklets & Screen Printing The perfect Combination.

Booklet Machine complemented with a Screen Print Unit

In the case of this machine combination a screen print unit is added in front of the booklet feeder. Here the basic labels can be printed in one colour or an adhesive track can be applied. The printed basic label offers the opportunity for an additional page for information.

Efficient and Safe Processing

If an adhesive track is printed on, the folding label has an additional fixing whenever the cover laminate must be quite narrow because of technical reasons. If absolute safety is demanded, the basic label can be provided with glue all over the entire surface. The last page of the folding label will be completely put into the glued in order to ensure a completely tight composite material.

Booklet Labels – miscellaneous in their applications

If chemical products, cosmetics or household chemicals, beverage or food – booklet labels are applied everywhere. They are perfect for multi-lingual operating manuals, promotion of competitions, cooking recipes and many other purposes, where lots of information must be placed on very little space, directly at the product.