Digital Printing Highly valued and flexible.

Realising Positive Cost Effects.

Digital printing gets more and more the winner when compared with conventional printing. Short-term modifications of the motive, test samples or variations – most advantageous in digital printing. Individual versions demanded by different markets and small(est) quantities of impressions as well can be realised at very attractive prices as no printing plates, clichés or sieves are required.

The printing quality as well tells its own tale: Metallic effects and a top range of colours – the Indigo WS 6600 at Robos attains nearly each colour shade desired. Partial white-background-printings allow for the possibility to accentuate certain motives or make them readable more easily.

Your Advantages

Short-Term Modifications.

In case of digital printing modifications of the motive more or less can be made until “the last minute” before the deadline for production.

With digital printing pilot-run series and test samples for test markets can be realised in any impression volume desired within a very short period of time. These procedures are much more favourable compared to conventional procedures as no machine must be retooled and no printing plates must be produced or modified respectively.

Short running and set-up times as in case of digital printing and a grade change, no printing plates, clichés or sieves are required. No set-up costs for printing plates or similar.

Varieties and Versions.

There is no need for printing plates, sieves or clichés. Even small-quantity impressions that are meant to be impossible to be realised at a good price or at paying price under usual conditions, can be produced at very attractive prices.


Personalization, regionalization and seasonal demand cause reduction of quantities of impressions and an increasing degree of individualization. In times of rapidly growing towns, and globalisation especially the desire for identity and uniqueness grows accordingly.

In Europe there are 45 countries with altogether 23 official languages. Coming along with these are all the different legal provisions and regulatory frameworks. Facts a company must allow for if it wants to sell its products across the borders.

Whether alphanumeric codes, consecutive bar codes or personal approach: Individually personalised printing products are possible – not only colour-coded.

Metallic Effects.

By printing on silver or gold foils metallic effects can be attained. By partial under-printing in white, one can get metallic effects to specified design elements or emphasize the brilliance of the colours. That is a less expensive alternative to hot or cold foil embossing.

The whole Colour Spectrum.

The colour space of the HP Indigo WS 6600 includes almost each colour tone desired, as the Indigo separates into 7 colours: the printing colours CMYK plus green, orange and violet. Furthermore digital printing has the possibility to partially under-print certain component parts of the label in white, in order to get single parts more easily readable or in order to accentuate them.

The resolution of a WS 6600 being up to 812 x 1219 dpi, the print quality once more has increased as to brilliance, depth and sharpness.

Normally in digital printing all colours are derived from the base colours CMYK.

The Indigo WS 6600 offers the possibility to compose a picture from three colours coats only (CMY) and to do without the black tone. The only difference might be that the resulting picture is just somewhat brighter than it would have been with the black tone.

The benefit might be the paint that was not consumed. This might be a realisable cost advantage.