Flexographic printing Fast and precise.

Rapidity in large print runs 

Nilpeter FA4

In flexographic printing the production is rapid and even large quantities can be realized cost-effectively. The 7-colors-Nilpeter-FA4 at Robos allows for easy production of labels in 4c, with special colors, finishes and if desired with cold foil embossing. This printing machine develops the entry into markets like cosmetics, personal care and food, for which the labels for the decoration of high-quality products can be manufactured.

The printing technology

The flexographic printing is a relief printing. The printing form is clearly more elastic that the one of the letterpress. The flexographic printing offers a possibility to manage the transferred ink amount with the drained volume of the used anilox roll. This way the optimum amount of the transferred ink can be achieved. For the fine fonts this amount will be reduced accordingly by using a “smaller” anilox roll. Grids will be presented flawlessly and a perfect fit is guaranteed. This way any printed work in action can be optimally adjusted to the special wishes of a customer.

Robos invests in flexographic printing

After the demand for flexographic orders has increased during the last years, the company decided for the investment in a modern and bigger machine. The new Nilpeter FA4* is characterized by technical improvements like servo motors, easy operating with a touch screen and the simplified change of printing plates and ink. Additionally, the line can be turned on the plant and there is the possibility of a “cross-over”. Here, synchronously to the printing, a material line will be cut centrally and laminated into a multilayer bonding. Then the multilayer label will be completed in one of the two die-cutting units. Also special products with die-cuts from the front and from the back are possible here.

The plant is very effective due to the line width of 420 mm (approx. 16.5 inch). With the new machine a higher quantity can be printed in one go and also the oversized special formats can be taken into account.

A lot of space for information on the product directly

Multilayer labels are optimally suitable for placing big amount of information in a small space on the product directly. With the new flexographic printing machine by Robos now there is a possibility to print multilayer labels in a reasonable time and to use all the advantages of this machine in the interests of our customers.