Silk-screen Printing Extremely persistent.

Intensive Colours and high Durability.

Silk-screen printing is a porous printing process. The sieve is made from fine fabric of textile fibres. According to the printing motive there are ink permeable areas and areas that are not ink permeable. The colour is put onto the substrate that shall be printed, i. e. through the permeable areas of the motive, with a scraper. Sieve screen printing especially is suitable for line designs.

High-Value Labels for extreme Conditions

Silk-screen printing procedures are most versatile. The screen printing ink is extremely covering and generates a thick intensive paint application, resistant against UV-light, weather and abrasion.

Silk-screen print labels are the best choice for use outdoors and under other extreme conditions. Silk-screen print labels mostly are applied in technical areas. They are suitable as marks for haz-mats and dangerous goods, for safety labels, type labels, inspection plates and weather resistant labels.

Special Features of the Silk-Screen Printing Labels

In silk-screen printing process one can produce labels with Braille lettering by applying a special kind of lacquers. In the area of safety labels lacquers with unique micro particles and lacquers that only can be seen under UV-light can be applied.