UV inkjet printing Robust labels in flexible print runs

Powerful for sorts and variable data


For the labeling of numerous products the high-performance labels are required, for example in the automotive industry. When the labels will be applied in the engine compartment, they not only have to stick to a difficult substrate, but they also come into contact with chemicals. Type plates on the drills as well have to be scratch-proof and very resistant against external influences. In the technical industry the gas cylinders often stand side-by-side and, moreover, they are stored outside. The labeling is exposed to heat and cold, humidity, UV light and strong mechanical load. The label printing with the UV inkjet method is an economical solution here, especially if sorts are required in different print runs or variable data has to be also printed.

Your benefits

Application areas for the UV inkjet printing

  • Small and medium print runs of industrial and safety type plates, long-life electronics- and automotive labels, labels for beverages, cosmetics and household items, as well as labels for chemicals and many more.
  • The printing of variable data on the preprinted labels “late stage versioning”.
  • Printing on the blank labels (pre-cut labels).
  • Print orders with variable data like e.g. consecutive numeration, texts, variable images, barcodes, QR codes or matrix codes.

Benefits, which convince 

  • Fast drying of the UV-curing ink under the influence of UV light
  • Less volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odors will be released
  • The pigments-based standard UV-ink is solvent-free, which is good for the environment
  • Color gradients will be presented evenly and homogenously
  • The color tones of the PANTONE color specter can be presented very well in the expanded gamut.
  • The availability of the excellently covering white color allows for numerous application possibilities on transparent and colored substrates.
  • UV inkjet labels are smear- and scratch-resistant, weather-proof and resistant against abrasion, detergents and chemicals as well.

UV inkjet - the economic alternative to silk screen 

Labels which withstand high requirements could only be realized with silkscreen so far. This printing method allows for the especially thick application of ink. The ink is very resistant and durable and additionally color-intensive. When the silkscreen-labels have to be provided with variable data, then those have to be printed subsequently with thermal transfer printing in an additional step. When changing sorts, new screens will be produced and the machine must be reconfigured respectively.

The UV inkjet is a printing method which realizes the full advantages of digital printing and at the same time achieves the high resistances of silkscreen printing. Many label applications can be now produced in one step in flexible print runs and containing variable data with inkjet printing technique. Small and medium print runs as well as versions and varieties can be realized without additional costs for printing plates.