01. March 2018 | Press release

Genuine fruit brandy – a clear matter! 

Bottle neck hangers inform the consumer and attract their attention.
Bottle neck hangers
Bottle neck hangers – brilliant colors and robust quality. 

Bottle neck hangers – brilliant colors and robust quality.

As a consumer you are usually spoilt for a choice. A vernacular saying goes: “schnapps is schnapps!”. But be careful: a schnapps is not necessarily a fruit brandy. Not every clear spirit with a fruit on its label is a genuine fruit brandy. But how can this important difference be made apparent for the consumers?

Legal regulations guarantee the quality

The legal regulations for genuine fruit brandy like “Kirschwasser” (“cherry water” – cherry brandy), “Williamsbirnenbrand” (Williams pear brandy) or “Zwetschgenwasser” (“plum water” – plum brandy) are clear: genuine fruit brandies get their flavor and their taste solely from the fruit they are named after.

For fruit brandies it is explicitly regulated that they must not be flavored. Moreover, they must not be blended and no other alcohol may be added. The dilution is not allowed and the minimum alcohol content must be maintained. If you want to get to know the real quality of a fruit brandy, you may want to take a closer look at the market leader Lörch.

bottle neck hangers
By using the bottle neck hangers, additional information can be easily attached to a bottle neck.

Making quality visible

There is hardly a consumer who knows the legal regulations to take them into account when buying a spirit. Moreover, it would be futile to study every label in detail. This is why “Bundesverband der Obstverschlussbrenner e.V” (German Federal Association of the Bonded Fruit Distilleries) has decided for a special communication activity. The goal is to sensitize the consumer for the qualitative difference between schnapps and fruit brandy. The special quality of the products shall be quickly detected by the consumer at the point-of-sale. The genuine fruit brandy shall be distinguishable from the flavored mass spirits.

Tag labels as an eye-catcher

At the first glance the tag labels have the advantage to stand out as a special feature and to draw the attention to the product. The product looks more upscale and the additional information can be perceived quickly. In this case the front of the bottle neck hanger contains an easy readable and big inscription “100% Echter Obstbrand” (100% genuine fruit brandy) and the web address “www.echterobstbrand.de“. The back contains short and concise quality features.

100% clarity – also on the web

The quality standards of a product are not only reflected by the label. It is worth it to take a look at the website. Here the product will be presented together with the communicational goal par excellence. The design of the microsite puts the emphasis on clarity, self-confident constraint and generous atmospheric images. The objectively elegant typographic along with the intuitive single-page-layout invite the visitor to learn about the manufacturing process and the distinctive features of this special beverage. The site has been awarded with the Red Dot design award for a reason.

Technical implementation of the labels

The labels will be manufactured in several sorts and different sizes and color tones. The material of the inner die-cutting will be removed automatically. The labels will be delivered on a roll. As soon as they will be detached the adhesive loses its adhering power. The hangers can be easily put on the bottle neck by machine.

Bottle hangers – attractive and multifunctional

Hanger labels do not only catch the attention, additionally they also have many interesting features. They are perfectly suitable for e.g. sweepstakes. Receiving an individualized winning code, the customer can enter his code on a website and take part in a sweepstake. This way the addresses of a relevant target group can be generated specifically. Moreover, QR codes, barcodes or a personalization for personal addressing can be printed.

Different possibilities of application

The tag label can be equipped with different adhesive areas. On the one hand, they can be adhered as a loop and hung e.g. onto the cardboard pack of six bottles. On the other hand, the adhesive area can be applied onto the end of a flap; this way the label can be adhered to a bottle or to individual packages in a stretched form.

Digital printing – upscale, flexible & individual

The production of tag labels with digital printing has many advantages: the changes of the design can be made until shortly before the production start. Short-termed preprints and samples for test markets can be realized in any print run starting with one piece. These are pricier compared to a conventional methods, because for digital printing no printing plates are required and the machines don’t have to be re-equipped. This way the processing and set-up time is much shorter.

Either personalization, regionalization or seasonal adjustments: with the increasing individualization of the labels digital printing can play off the price advantages for sorts and varieties to the fullest and be a perfect solution. The whole color spectrum is available in best quality, as well as metallic effects, which offer a cost‑effective alternative to hot- or cold embossing.

Resistant materials

Different materials like adhesive papers or foils are available, they resist the special conditions of the outdoor use like UV light, humidity or even light abrasion. Individual or unusual die‑cuttings are also possible. If desired, they can be equipped with safety features as well. Talk to us about your ideas, wishes and requirements.

Quality labels from the house of Robos

Robos is a worldwide supplier for the products from the labeling sector. The upscale labels of the specialists provide the goods with a personal appearance and submit important information. “Either oily or abrasive substrates, extremely high or low temperatures, we will find a solution which will stick, even for difficult application areas”, stresses the chief executive Harry Reuter. The labels by Robos are applied e.g. onto car batteries, blood bags or champagne buckets.