07. June 2018 | Press release

Ideas in color – calligraphy at Robos 

The calligraphy artist Sigrid Artmann has creatively designed the gallery
of the new company building. 
Calligrapher Sigrid Artmann in action.

When you enter the gallery on the first floor of the entry area at Robos, you get obviously impressed. The 4.6 m long and 2.5 m high motif, designed in vivid green and yellow tones, catches your sight. On the aquarelle colored areas, letters and letterings can be found in inspiring wild forms, written in extraordinarily elegant handwriting. Every part of the art object offers something different, which results from the combination of form, color and calligraphy.

The art object has been designed on an aquarelle paper sized A3 and printed on the fabrics – and it has been spanned onto a large-sized frame, which now decorates the gallery. Sigrid Artmann had just a few guidelines: the motif had to be vivid and creative and also contain the words “Robos” and “Ideen in Farbe” (engl. ideas in color). The clients at Robos were delighted with the imaginative implementation. Surrounded by anthracite-colored walls, the motif has found its perfect place in the gallery.

Magic instead of control

Sigrid Artmann has not always been a calligrapher. She describes her new free life as a calligraphy artist as “a pure magic”, while in her previous life everything had been regulated and controlled. The idiosyncratic lady with the wild mane of curly hair and the extravagant golden glasses has trained as an industrial management assistant and worked as a key account manager until a few years ago. Then she dared a big step in the entrepreneurship as a self-employed calligrapher. She gave up her safe job of many years and fulfilled her big dream. Since then she daily experiments at white heat in her atelier, a nostalgic old apartment with stucco ceiling in the center of Ludwigsburg. Either pencil or a hard brush – every item is a possible writing tool for Sigrid Artmann and will be tested.

Versatile and creative

Since that time no day is like another. Anytime a new request can come and bring something absolutely new. Then the new topics will be worked out and possible implementations tested. A romantic inscription on the wall of a shop for wedding rings looks absolutely different from a calligraphic design of a white Mercedes Benz old-timer in street-art style. While in the first case tenuous silver arched fonts come into action, thick black lines of the brush, which usually will be used for wallpaper paste, can be found on the vehicle. It remains exciting for Robos as well, because further cooperation with Sigrid Artmann has already been planned.