16. July 2018 | Press release

Manager of production Sebastian Paulus

For several months now Sebastian Paulus is responsible for the production department of the company Robos. The certified packaging engineer has been constantly active in the labeling sector and in the course of his career he has gained experience in different companies with various orientations. The sectors were labeling technology, coating technology and the production of adhesive materials. For a famous adhesive materials manufacturer he held the position of the complaint manager Europe and for a big label manufacturer in Southern Germany he worked as a key account manager and thus was responsible for research & development and for the market analyses.

Mr. Paulus, what is your function at Robos?

It is my task to take a step to a modern industrial company, which is up to the requirements of digitalization and the high automation level, using the available resources and the employee base.

For me, it is very important to motivate the employees in the way that they are proud of what they do and know, what they do it for – in particular for our customers. In my opinion, this can be reached only with clear instructions, feedback and a genuine interest in a person.

What is your main function?

In the foreground there is the quality management, the optimization of technical operations and the generation, description and documentation of the processes as well as the team building. In a second step I support he implementation of the defined processes.

Mr. Paulus, which professional experiences in the past have influenced you most?

It was the complaint management for an Italian adhesive materials manufacturer. In the case of complaint you always have a bad position first, and can just make the best of it. These competences have to be developed. This includes emotional intelligence to transform something negative into something positive.

At the customers’, I went to the machine, took off the jacket and the tie and tried to understand the problem and to find the mistake together with the employee. When the problem can be solved mutually, the customer stays and becomes a friend in a best case scenario. Every complaint is a chance to get to know the customer better and to retain customer loyalty – that was my goal.

What do you enjoy most in your job?

The contact to people. Every person has his own story, which is interesting for me. When I know the employees well, it motivates me and gives me the opportunity to find the best form of cooperation. Thus all sides are satisfied and you can talk to each other openly.

What is the role the production department at the company Robos?

The production is in the main focus due to the high capital spending. Expensive materials will be used, cost-intensive utilities and energy will be applied. Furthermore, high manpower costs arise, especially for the processing steps which can be done only manually. This is why it is especially important that everything in the production department goes smoothly and well and, preferably, no errors occur.

Where do you see the strengths of Robos compared to the competitors?

There is no “no-go”. The management also supports unusual solutions, which will not be tested nowhere else. We also try the impossible, this way new customers can be attracted. Here we also experiment with expensive materials to potentially achieve a better result.

Furthermore, Robos offers its customers many special processing steps, which are not offered by the competitors for different reasons. In this sector the know-how of the production department is especially valuable.

Are there any printing methods which you hold near and dear, and why?

Yes, this is the silkscreen printing. It is technically easy and you can produce the finest fonts with a comparably inexpensive tools even for special applications, and use lacquers. The silkscreen printing is also very resistant.

How can the Robos customers profit from your know-how?

When in the production everything goes smoothly, then the quality is right and the delivery time as well, I work on it.

Which positive changes could you achieve in the last months?

I became familiar with my team and we cooperate well together. This mutual trust brings the success in a long term.

What can you waive personally?

Accusations, if a mistake has occurred – it is pointless.

What don’t you want to miss?

A harmonic cooperation.

And what do you prefer to do in your spare time?

I prefer to fly with my wife in a tandem-paraglider.

What encourages you?


Complete the sentence: quality is…?

Quality is self-evident. Our customers can expect it from us.

Where do you see the special challenges in the labeling industry over the next few years?

Labels are in high demand more than ever. The online trading grows, and each product and its packaging have several labels. Smart labels will be in greater demand as well, here a chip is placed in the label. Additionally, a conductive antenna has to be printed, which makes the chip send when passing a reading gate. The production is very complex and cost-intensive and these labels will be produced by specialized manufacturers only.

What are your personal strengths?

Optimism and humor. I can meet other people and give them the feeling to be esteemed.

What was your biggest personal success?

My whole life was successful and satisfying and has constantly developed in the positive direction. Of course, there were ups and downs.

I assume as a success the good relationship to my younger step daughter. She is 28 years old and still plays bass in my blues band. I am glad that there is still a common base.

Who would you swap with as a child?

I didn’t want to swap with anyone, I was a creative child and pretty busy with my own ideas. The aquarium, my bicycle and growing up in a countryside with my rabbits were my hobbies.

Thank you for the conversation, Mr. Paulus.