13. September 2017 | Press release

Improved protection of consumers and manufacturers against the falsified drugs 

The EU-regulation 2016/161 has to be implemented by 9. February 2019.
Falsified drugs can cause a lot of health damage. Ingredients of bad quality or wrong dosage pose a risk for the consumers. Moreover, the manufacturers will be cheated of their wins, which invest large sums in the development of new medicaments. To counteract this problem a new directive for man...
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16. August 2017 | Press release

Colourface- skin stickers for World Cup 2018 

Inspire your customers! Use this fascinating mega-event for your self-promoting. Facial and skin stickers for the World Cup in Russia are trendy extras for almost all target groups. Either country flags, football motifs or your company logotype, the design possibilities are unlimited. All appoint...
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11. April 2017 | Press release

Improved communication and optimized processes 

How it started at Robos and the good reasons for merging
The territorial development and the sites of Robos Since 1960 Robos produces and distributes labeling solutions. The specialty from the very beginning: the production and administration are about 90 kilometers (approx. 60 miles) apart. The sales department and administrative areas were located in...
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21. March 2017 | Press release

Chemicals sail on all seven seas 

Sea water resistant labels protect the environment and the health
A sea route is the best and the cheapest solution for the shipping of many freights. A lot of goods cannot reach some countries by any other shipping way. Compared to the shipping by plane, the shipping of containers is much more environmentally friendly. For these reasons chemicals, pesticides a...
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