19. September 2016 | Press release

Marketing chances by digital printing.

Acting accurate and flexible on the market.
The development of HP Indigo digital printing procedure as a separate printing technology started in 1984 and was launched on the market in 1993. The quality almost equals the traditional printing processes. During the last years the digital printing has gained more importance. Despite this fact ...
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14. March 2016 | Press release

Robos invests into a further booklet machine. 

More effective, more precise.
To satisfy the increasing need in booklet labeling sector, the printing company Robos has invested in a further high-tech booklet system. Besides the printing process, the premium booklet machine offers all advantages of editing, too. These are clean workmanship as well as high user-friendliness....
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17. February 2016 | Press release

Identifying brand products reliably by microparticles  

Labels containing microparticles offer a unique protection against counterfeits
The originality protection by clear identification Meanwhile the counterfeit protection is a big issue in all sectors. This is the case in the automotive industry, engineering, arts- and textile market as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Safety strategies are wanted, which are si...
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16. December 2015 | Press release

Extremely good and animal protective: vegan labels 

Labeling free from animal components 
A few years ago it was enough not to serve meat when a vegetarian came over for a dinner. In the meantime many people eat vegan. They give up all kinds of animal food. Eggs, cheese and dairy belong thereto as well. The amount of vegans in the population continuously increases. They all have very ...
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