14. March 2016 | Press release

Robos invests into a further booklet machine. 

More effective, more precise.
Highest precision in the positioning and die-cutting of labels.

To satisfy the increasing need in booklet labeling sector, the printing company Robos has invested in a further high-tech booklet system. Besides the printing process, the premium booklet machine offers all advantages of editing, too. These are clean workmanship as well as high user-friendliness. Effective working processes are also ensured by fast setup and register accuracy.

Booklet machine integrates new working processes

Due to the wide-ranging integrated processes of the machine any further procedural steps are unnecessary. Thus the costs are reduced and the productivity increases. The specially trained employees ensure smooth operation.

Saving potential due to rapidity

The new booklet system reaches a maximum speed of about 50 m/min (approx. 54.7 yards/min) in booklet production and ensures a fast change of jobs. Short setting time and fast setup due to high user-friendliness enable a considerable reduction of waste material.

Precisely processed booklet labels

The technique, which is applied in this machine, assures highest precision in the positioning and die-cutting of labels.

The flexo printing unit reduces procedure steps

In the booklet machine there is a flexo printing unit, which offers a possibility of integrated printing process. In a procedural step the basic material can be imprinted with single-colored texts or pictographs additionally.

Short setting time enables a considerable reduction of waste material.

Booklet labels in XXL

For the labeling of larger products or for the need of much space for information Robos offers booklet labels with the booklet width up to 300 mm (approx. 11.8 inches).

A plus for the environment

Due to the fast setup and short setting time the amount of waste material used for setup can be reduced remarkably. This saves money and environment.

Perfectly matching machinery

The new booklet machine interacts optimally with the already installed converting machine by the same manufacturer at Robos. The converting machine checks the labels for completeness with its camera system. This way the machine downtime caused by missing labels during dispensing can be avoided.

Expert advice

The booklet professional Torben Ahls has been new in Robos team since the end of 2015. Due to the long-term experience in the booklet sector he will definitely find a suitable solution for every task.


About Robos

Robos GmbH & Co. KG from Kornwestheim near Stuttgart is a worldwide supplier of products from labeling sector. The labeling company Robos develops and produces individual labeling solutions for its customers from different sectors.

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