19. September 2016 | Press release

Marketing chances by digital printing.

Acting accurate and flexible on the market.
Different sorts and varieties of labels are also available in small print runs. 

The development of HP Indigo digital printing procedure as a separate printing technology started in 1984 and was launched on the market in 1993. The quality almost equals the traditional printing processes. During the last years the digital printing has gained more importance. Despite this fact the opportunities within still are hardly used by the marketing experts. The unerring appeal of a target group is easier to implement with the help of digital printing. The possibilities of exploring the test markets and trying out the different label varieties have improved distinctly. Operational processes like short-termed orders and warehousing can profit by digital printing as well.

Print run? Everything is possible!

In digital printing it does not make any difference either you need 10 x 100 or 1 x 500.000 labels. Due to the so-called non-impact printing procedure there is no need to produce printing forms, therefore any number of types and varieties can be produced without any additional costs. Often labels have to be produced in different country languages, which need to be adjusted on regular bases due to the legal changes. Here as well the digital printing is flexible until the very last minute. The printing templates are transmitted to the printing machine in data form directly, therefore the changes in design or textual contents are possible without any problems or long delays up to the last minutes.

In the heart of the targeted group

In digital printing each copy of the print run can be provided with individual text or pictorial data. This way the labels can be personalized like e.g. during the Share-a-Coke-campaign by Coca-Cola: the bottles have been imprinted with different first names. The potentials of the own databases still will be hardly used for surprising the customers.

Testing first – saving money

When the new products shall be introduced to the market, the test markets can be explored with individually designed label versions and pre-series, which can be adjusted fast and simple if required. This way the introductory risk will be minimized. In this case digital printing is the first choice with its exactly defined print runs even in small badges. During the yield phase the label supplies can be reproduced fast and efficiently. The labels match those from the first launch perfectly in quality and coloring.

Sorts and varieties realized low-priced

Generally, digital printing is not cheaper than the conventional printing methods. But, adding the processing costs of the conventional systems, the digital printing is whole in one a better choice. The matters of expenses like for example warehousing and capital commitment often make a major cost factor.

Exclusive looks for different purposes

In digital printing the metallic effects can be achieved without a big effort as well. Either gold- or bronze tone for cosmetic industry or silver labels for technical industry – almost every metallic shades are possible by multiple imprinting of metallic foils according to the desired tone. The labels are available in matt or glossy finish.

In general, the digital printing is suitable for all branches. According to the later purpose of use different materials and finishing come into action. When the labels have to be provided with further information like best before-date locally, the digital print labels can be imprinted with a thermal transfer printer subsequently on site.

Time is money

Labels produced with digital printing can be processed immediately because they don’t require any drying time. The customer benefits from it if labels are needed last-minute. The labels will be produced on-demand in exact numbers and the customer’s warehousing is redundant.

Flexibly usable

The digital printing can be a part of a hybrid printing method which combines different printing techniques. Some parts of a label can be pre-printed in conventional printing and completed for example with a personalization in digital printing. This approach makes sense in some circumstances for very big print runs to save time and to produce low-cost. Furthermore, a premium metallic effect can be achieved by printing the motif onto a white foil, laminating it and embossing it with a heat foil. The color space includes almost any desired color tone due to the high quality printing in cyan, magenta, yellow and black and three further colors.


Customers can be addressed by labels with tailored-to-a-need content, which can be realized in small print runs without a big effort. The low-cost production of diverse sorts and varieties allows for more marketing room to test new ideas and implement desired changes.