19. October 2016 | Press release

Eat something green!

A leaflet label decorates canning jars and contains a lot of information.
Leaflet and booklet labels direct and undetachable on the product.

With the slogan “Eat something green!“ the labeling company Robos presents to the customers and other interested parties the function of the booklet and leaflet labels. The canning jars with the leaflet labels contain delicious sweets and jelly animals in corporate colors yellow and green. It is logical, that the customers or the interested parties keep the canning jar afterwards.

A cunning product decoration

The slim label in portrait format contains 12 pages and offers the possibility to transmit a lot of information about Robos and its products. The die-cutting of the labels is geared to the canning jar individually. This supports the harmonic impression of the whole product. When closed, the leaflet label fits flat and lean onto the product. The information is attached undetachable to the product, which offers a huge advantage especially for medicine and chemicals.

Leaflet label – well protected against the humidity.
Torben Ahls, a specialist for leaflet and booklet labels.

Leaflet and booklet labels – successful in all sectors

Booklet and leaflet labels can be applied in almost every sector. They are perfect for multilingual instructions on the electronic products, illustrated manuals for construction site or warnings and ingredients for chemicals. There is hardly a branch which doesn’t use the advantages of the booklet and leaflet labels. These labels also attract the attention in trade for discount campaigns or lotteries. The labels can be equipped with consecutive numbers, like it is the case with the winning codes.

Do you want to learn more about the booklet and leaflet labels?

Than talk to Mr. Torben Ahls. During a visit you can learn interesting aspects about the technical possibilities and the manifold functions of these informative labels. On this occasion, Mr. Ahls will be happy to hand you over the “sweet greetings“ by Robos.

Torben Ahls, phone +49 (0) 7154 / 8225-13 or email torben.ahls@robos.de