17. February 2016 | Press release

Identifying brand products reliably by microparticles  

Labels containing microparticles offer a unique protection against counterfeits
The originality protection by clear identification Meanwhile the counterfeit protection is a big issue in all sectors. This is the case in the automotive industry, engineering, arts- and textile market as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Safety strategies are wanted, which are si...
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16. December 2015 | Press release

Extremely good and animal protective: vegan labels 

Labeling free from animal components 
A few years ago it was enough not to serve meat when a vegetarian came over for a dinner. In the meantime many people eat vegan. They give up all kinds of animal food. Eggs, cheese and dairy belong thereto as well. The amount of vegans in the population continuously increases. They all have very ...
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03. November 2015 | Press release

Hologram labels - safely attractive 

An effective prevention of plagiarism and forgery 
Looking for a parking slot can be very nerve-racking. Even if you own a resident parking permit. Particularly, in some cases more vehicles have a parking permit than the authorities have issued. These permits used to be easy to forge. To prevent the forgery, cities and municipalities now often eq...
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14. September 2015 | Press release

Digital printing creates added value 

Operate flexibly on the market - use the cost minimizing potentials 
Digital printing gained enormous significance in recent years, although at the first moment this printing method is not cheaper than conventional printing. An exception here are small batches: the costs for the conventional printing forms are no longer required, furthermore, the printing machine ...
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