Values & Qualities Your certified Partner.

Together we safeguard your Success.

You can rely on us as your partner. Our products and services are of high value, as we always give more, in all sections.

We always want to deliver the best performance. That is why we orient ourselves at the topical and up-to-date standards for our staff, technique and environment. Our forward-looking labels thus are quality, innovation, performance, flexibility, satisfaction and environment protection.

Our Label

Certified Quality.

We ensure outstanding quality. By making use of state-of-the-art technology and the continuing training of our staff we continuously improve our quality standard. We regularly control this internally b y our quality assurance. Since 1996 we have adopted a certified quality management system according DIN EN ISO 9001 and have been certified officially by independent audit companies. Since December 2009 we have supplemented our management system and have been certified according DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management. Certificates for downloading please find in the Download Centre.

Environmental Management.

We take over responsibility for nature. Environmental management is of superior importance. It starts with diligent choice of materials in the production area and ends in consequent saving of paper in the administration. Our electricity is 100% green electricity and comes from sites that are EEG- (Renewable Energy Law) and TÜV- (Technical Inspection Agency) certified.

Since December 2009 we have supplemented our management system and have been certified according DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management.

Improvement Management.

We work in an innovative way. We accompany your company with individual solutions. For us innovation means, that besides the developing of trend-setting ideas we continuously improve our structures and products. That is why we always are in a position to react flexibly.

Under the motto „We implement ideas – together“ the Robos Company inserted the approach to the continuous improvement process (CIP) in autumn 2010. In the first place this lives through an active search for mistakes in order to eliminate these permanently.


We provide reliability. Reliability as we understand it is perfect interaction of all factors in our company. That means an optimum interaction of highly qualified staff and innovative techniques.


We surpass demand. For us a content customer is the finest certification. To comply with a demand is just standard. But to surpass your expectations continuously, our magic word is staff-motivation. And our staff’s most positive attitude is reflected in the overall performance of our company. As a consequence there are enthusiastic customers.


We make flexibility possible. In modern economy everyone must be able to react to trends and modifications in a speedy spontaneous and effective way.

Our flexibility supports your strategic actions. To back up your ability to respond, we place emphasis on flexible structures and agile thinking.