FAQ Data Transfer Thus printing works like a charm

The Possibility for Data Transfer?

What you should care for

Identification of the data.

Please mention name of customer or project data, otherwise we cannot continue to process the data.

As a reference, please, always supply a colour-consistent print-out proof anda pdf-file together with the colour data.

Way of Storage of the PDF?

Only supply PDFX4-data files, that were written with the appropriate professional programme (such as Adobe Acrobat-Professional). PDF is a universal data format that embeds and retainsall fonts formatting and graphics of any initial basis document.

All fonts must be converted into paths / text-outlines, to prevent problems resulting from missingfonts and modified page layouts.

Please allow for 1 to 2 mm bleed difference. Die-cuts must be designed as spot colour – name of colour:Dieline.

For screen printing and letterpress, please, supply vector data.

What about the Original Files and Fonts?

Included or linked files always must be supplied in addition to the original files.

Before all fonts must be converted into paths / text-outlines, otherwise they are to be supplied ascharacter set, or scanned with a definition of 1200 dpi.

Please, only use original typefaces, do not apply technical programming possibilities, such as italicor underlined lettering. These “artificial” adjustments get lost. Whenever you supply character sets,please, only use TypeOne or OTF-fonts – no TrueType-fonts. (OTF-fonts are compatible for Mac and PC).

Which Care as to Saving of Pictures?

Please always store pictures in TIF- or EPS-format without compression mode (LZW-compression orcomparable).

Colours designed as b/w, greyscale or CMYK-mode. No RGB-colours.B/w-pictures should be scanned and stored with a minimum of 1200 dpi and at least 100 % of theiroriginal size.

Greyscale- or CMYK-pictures should be scanned and stored with a minimum of 300 dpi and at least 100% of their original size.

Which Care as to Colours?

Special colours must always be set as full colour hue and marked with the exact designation of therespective future printing colour (Pantone, RAL or HKS). Please supply colour-consistent print-outproof. Designed black in the CMYK-mode (100 K) and allowed for overprint.

The Way my Data are Processed?

In principle we only do the step-and-repeat-stripping and, in particular cases, a colour-trapping. Wewill request for new data, if the data supplied do not comply with the technical state of the printingindustry, or they will be corrected after prior agreement, and costs will be invoiced according to timeand effort.

Additional information.