Lexicon of Technical Terms The World of Labels Quite Simply Explained.


Booklet labels are small, folded brochures fixed on an adhesive label. The big advantage is the information density in a most compact space. As to the handling there is more or less no difference between a booklet and a common adhesive label. But, when you open it, it shows respective information on its interior. And the showstopper is that the folded and self-adhesive brochure is not only easy to open, it can be re-closed as easily again. As the inside pages of the brochures are folded, 10 leaves, i. e. 20 pages of information can be registered on a basic label of 100 x 100 mms, without any problem.

An additional plus is the multi-functionality of booklets. Flat or conical surfaces – booklets always can be sticked down to each place where a normal adhesive label also could be sticked down to.

The booklet label itself can be designed most flexibly. This means that not only square, but also round, triangular, oval or even special shapes are feasible. The smallest booklet label that momentarily can be made may have a lateral length of ca. 25 mm. The biggest size for a booklet label is 200 mm.

Booklet Labels – Lots of Information on a very small Area.

Attractive give-aways such as tattoos or stickers make booklet labels even more interesting. Individual codes and small magnets can be placed onto it. Special effects like thermic, scratchable, perfumed and fluorescing colours can be applied during printing and thus give a special appearance to the product.

The materials of the folded brochures depend on the intended use. For normal needs in dry surroundings mainly paper is used. Whenever higher demands are made, such as damp surroundings, synthetic materials can be utilised.

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