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Cast Resin Labels

This kind of refining techniques gives a 3-D-effect to the finished product by adding liquid resin onto the printed surface of the label. That layer is crystal-clear and can have a height of up to several millimetres. The resin spreads evenly all over the surface, in doing so, the shape of the resin flattens towards its borders. In case of high print runs computerised robots can be used for the application of the resin. For the hardening a UV-light curing device is employed. Cast resin labels are also called Doming-labels.

For Protected and at the same time Optically Appealing Markings.

The cast resin finishing gives a three-dimensional look to the label and the colours get more brilliant. Besides the additional optical value the resin layer is characterised by an increased protection against outside influences. The liners are high-quality UV- and weather-resistant plastic films.

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