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UL Labels

Underwriter Laboratories (UL) control Goods designed for the American Market.

The Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (abbr. UL) is an independent Institution founded in Northbrook, USA, in the year 1894.

They control goods of miscellaneous types that are to be imported to the USA or that are produced in the USA, e. g. as to their safety in usage. This is done in public interest.

When a product or device is presented to the UL for approval, all component parts of the device are examined – i. e. also the type labels.

The UL Specification 969 „Standard for Marking & Labeling Systems“defines the requirements for marking- and labelling-systems with glues, of printed labels, signboards and user guides. Labels are glued by UL onto testing surfaces typical for their application and exposed to typical stresses and strains to reveal evidence about loading capacity and readability. The products get the respective permission/recognition or endorsement as the case may be.

In Principle UL differentiates between:

In this procedure only part components are checked, e. g. a type label, a cable, etc. The components can be recognized by the reversed RU -> яU.

Robos has been producing part components with components recognitions since 1998 and possesses seven recognized material combinations on this level.


In this procedure final products, made from various part components are checked, e. g. a complete electronic device (overhead projector). Listed products are recognized by a circle with UL in its centre. The labels may only be produced by authorized label producers (so-called “Authorized Label Suppliers” within the “Authorized Label Supplier programme”). Robos has joined this programme in July 2010.

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