Lexicon of Technical Terms The World of Labels Quite Simply Explained.

Sealing Labels

Sealing labels protect against unauthorised access. They are produced from manipulation-safe document-foil and would tear into pieces when being peeled off. They serve as warranty- and safety seals.

The large scale product group of Robos Security Labels offers solutions around the themes of protection of originality and other security applications. Sales packaging being opened, unauthorised access to electronic components or imitated products can be excluded by means of these security solutions of Robos. The greatest advantage for our customers lies in an enormous cost saving potential. Especially in case of complaints these Robos products are a very good indicator if technical devices, sales packaging or inventory objects were handled in a proper form.

For the maximum protection against misuse.

  • Protection against Sales packing being opened, unauthorised access to electronic components, manipulations in case of claims.

  • Marking of inventory objects and personalisation.

  • Rub-off labels for protection of information.

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