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Colourface Face Stickers

In the Focus With Colourface.

Colourface-products are innovative stickers for the face. They are made from a special eudermic material and can, contrarily to makeup or water soluble tattoos, be detached and sticked on again.

Especially on the occasion of sports events, music events and for promotion purposes Colourface face stickers are quite fancy advertising media.

What makes Colourface so Unique?

  • Colourface is saliva- and sweat-resistant and easy to use.

  • Colourface is based on a medical sticky tape and globally unique.

  • Colourface is laboratory tested, completely inoffensive for health and tested by LGA as well as according to the toys’ standard and the regulation on cosmetics.

  • Colourface is applied on the skin within some seconds and can be taken off from the skin within the same short period of time.

  • Colourface, absolutely residue-free, it does not soil clothing.

  • Colourface is a combination of high-quality, flexible material with graphic art pictures in perfect print quality.

  • Colourface allows the application as sticker via partial up to full face masks.

A Product with Commendation.

In the course of a Label-Exposition the face stickers were decorated in the sector “Innovative Printing Products”.

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