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High Performance Labels

Markings in extreme Ranges of Temperature on almost each kind of Substrate.

Extreme surroundings, such as in the engine compartment or on printed circuit boards (PCB) require extreme solutions as to upper material, printing and glues. Applying special print methods in combination with especial glues, depending on the use case, such labels can support extreme temperatures from -80°C up to +800°C. Even substrates that are difficult for pasting up, such as oily surfaces or powder-coated substrates, can be pasted up with.

High Performance Labels Authorized by UL and CSA:

Because of a large assortment of special glues, we have at our disposal the correct glue for almost each substrate. We would be glad to provide you with our advice on this topic.

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Robos labels are focussed on the needs of technical industries. All products meet high-quality claims and thus make us the A-supplier of the technical industry.

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