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Aluminium Labels

Aluminium labels are mainly used for the marking of machinery and equipment. Riveted, screwed or glued onto with transfer glue, provided with the number of the blows or with type designations they are an important document of marking. For extremely high demands as to resistance against acidity, fuel and cleaning agents as well as against mechanical loads, labels made from Eloxal (electrolytic oxidation of aluminium) can be used.

For the Durable Marking of Machinery and Equipment.

Our offer contains plates made from stainless steel and brass via aluminium labels up to plastic labels. The marking of the plates can be etched, anodised, printed or, in case of synthetics, it can be lasered. For the fixing of the plates these are equipped with bore holes or transfer glues. Plates are mainly applied when machinery or equipment shall be marked for a long period of time and when the marking shall also withstand high mechanical loads.

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