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Type Labels

Type Labels give important Product Information together with Identification Marking typical for the Brand.

Today type labels can be found on almost all electronic component parts and technical devices. Type labels allow the unambiguous identification and assignment of an object, for example as to its producer or importer.

When choosing the material for a type label, there are many possibilities: Very often white or silver foil labels are used. These are resistant against oil, water and UV radiation and can also be applied in case of extreme ambient temperature.

Protection against Manipulation of the Type Label:

Frequently these are combined with label materials that ensure secure transfer: The type label is self-destructive in case one tries to undo it again after it had been affixed.

The Robos-Production Programme:

Our production programme ranges from simple type labels for short-term marking up to extremely durable labels resistant against UV radiation, acids, chemicals and mechanical impacts. We also have a large range of UL- and CSA-authorized labels. We would be glad to provide you with our advice on this topic.

We are Your Competent Partner:

Robos labels are focussed on the needs of technical industries. All products meet high-quality claims and thus make us the A-supplier of the technical industry.

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