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Bar Code Labels

A bar code label can be a memory location for a large quantity of most different information. So, for example, article numbers, the identification of batches and dates of expiry thus can be stored on a small adhesive label. Especially logistic procedures can no longer be imagined without bar code labels as media for very large quantities of information on a very small area. Every day we come across bar codes also in the trade in goods or as confusion-proof marking of photo bags, e. g.

Types of Bar Code Labels

The production programme of Robos goes from classical one-dimensional up to two-dimensional bar code labels. With special print technologies we are in a position to print most tiny 2D codes with a minimum size of 5 x 5 mm or even polychrome, so-called, 3D codes. By means of video control systems we can carry out a 100% examination of the bar codes.

Reliable Product Information with Bar Code Labels

Marking with bar codes is a modern system for the tracing and guiding of goods, using scanning for entrance and exit of goods as well as for comprehensive interface quality assurance systems.

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