Lexicon of Technical Terms The World of Labels Quite Simply Explained.

Weather-Proof Labels

They brave Sun, Wind and Weather:

In case of outside bonding weather-proof labels are able to resist the influences of water, sunlight, varying temperatures and moisture.

Very often labels must support long-time cleaning processes. Modern foil labels, made from PVC or PE do fulfil these requirements. If, for example, a label shall continue to adhere in case of very low temperatures, special deep freeze adhesive is applied.

UV-Protection Made by Robos – Your Labels are Robust and Keep Bright Colours.

Robos, with state-of-the-art technology, produces UV-protected labels, four-coloured in digital printing with high resolution and very good picture quality. The UV-protection coatings of Robos applied on the printing colour protects it against the detrimental UV-radiation and prevents the colours from fading. It provides protective functions against wear debris, humidity and aggressive liquids.

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