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11. April 2017 | Press release

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05. April 2017 | News

ESKO simplifies processes in labeling workflow 

Automated operations and secure printing data management 
In December 2016 the ESKO WebCenter was launched at Robos. This is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform that manages packaging preproduction specifications, approval, and project life cycle. This application simplifies the printing data archiving, type management as well as the correct...
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22. March 2017 | News

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21. March 2017 | Press release

Chemicals sail on all seven seas 

Sea water resistant labels protect the environment and the health
A sea route is the best and the cheapest solution for the shipping of many freights. A lot of goods cannot reach some countries by any other shipping way. Compared to the shipping by plane, the shipping of containers is much more environmentally friendly. For these reasons chemicals, pesticides a...
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