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11. March 2020 | Press release

Interview with Tasmin Reuter

Quality management officer at Robos
Tasmin Reuter, Quality Management

What does quality man to you?

To me, quality means to become a little bit better every day.

What is exciting about your job and what do you enjoy most?

The job is very rich in variety and something new is constantly being added which you can think your way into. Moreover, I can co-create processes and procedures.

What is the major challenge in this task?

The challenge is to design processes as narrow and feasible as possible, but still to realize the necessary quality requirements.

Why is quality management that important?

Because nowadays everything is fast-moving and you don‘t have employees who are in the company for 30 years. It takes time until new employees learn and internalize the processes. Moreover, the quality does not happen accidentally. You cannot assume that everything always happens on its own. Processes must be planned and critically monitored.

What chances does quality management offer?

To grow and to become continuously better.

What efforts does Robos make to achieve maximum high quality and accuracy?

Along with optimizations, which the new building has brought, also in human resources we focus on the increasing integration of all employees into the quality management. New employees have been hired especially for this area – because it is our goal that quality can be practiced by all.

Which positive changes have you achieved so far?

The quality awareness of all employees is stronger. There is more structure, more obligation and the exchange between departments has improved significantly.

What is your private balance for working life?

Our daughters Frida and Hanah.

Which three things you personally could do without? Moaners, when plans change, to be available at all times.

What wouldn`t you want to miss? My family.

What motivates you? Challenges.

Where do you see the special challenges for the labeling industry over the next few years?

The customers increasingly claim flexibility and short delivery time. From the point of quality management I see the challenge in satisfying these in the best possible way and still to implement the quality criteria. In addition, individual solutions shall be standardized as good as possible.

Which are your personal strengths?

I like to think my way into new things. I am very positive, communicative and uncomplicated.

What was your biggest personal success? My biggest personal success is the juggling with different roles as a mother, a working person and at the same time working on my doctoral thesis as a pharmacologist.

Who would you swap with as a child? Mary Poppins had a great impact on me. Her slogan has convinced me: “A little bit of sugar makes the bitter-sweet go down.” Every even most unpleasant task can make fun, if you design it in a good way. When I had to train hard for competitive dancing, then I have done it together with ten friends. Afterwards we went for a dinner. I have this positive mindset from my mother.

Thank you for the conversation.


Tasmin Reuter – about

Tasmin Reuter is 33 years old. She has graduated as a pharmacist and afterwards she has done an internship in the pharmaceutical industry. She worked for one year in a public pharmacy as a pharmacist. Doctoral studies with advanced training to expert pharmacist for pharmaceutical analysis followed. She joined Robos’ quality management in January 2018.