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08. October 2020 | News

Robos celebrates 60th anniversary 

The committee
of CCI congratulates on this special event 
Managing partner Simon Reuter (left) receives the honorary certificate of CCI.

“60 years of successful economy is a proof for foresight, flexibility, innovation and high economical understanding.” With these words the committee of CCI district chamber in Ludwigsburg congratulates company Robos on the long-lasting anniversary. “Our site depends on this vigor and business energy” – the president Albrecht Kruse points out with his congratulations.

Simon Reuter, the managing partner, received the honorary certificate of CCI from head of division Ralf Litschke on Oct. 1st 2020.

The company Robos thanks CCI for the long-term partnership, during which CCI was always on hand with help and advice for the label manufacturer Robos.