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01. April 2021 | News

Welcome at Robos 

Since March Mathias Stumpf is a part of the team 

Mathias Stumpf is a student employee and studies the course of “Master of Business Engineering” at the Steinbeis School of Management and Technology in cooperation with the company Robos. To get to know him better, we interviewed him.

Why have you chosen this academic course?

Working on the authentical problems from the daily company routine during the course enables me to field-test my technical know-how and my management skills. Two stays abroad within Europe, Asia or USA will follow, which will prepare me for working in intercultural teams and international companies.

Which chances do your studies offer you for the future?

The master in “Business Engineering” prepares me to operate at the intersection of economy and engineering and to use the digital transformation to make companies fit for the future.

Why have you chosen Robos?

With its potentials and challenges in the production Robos offers me a possibility to apply my knowledge from the bachelor studies and to professionally develop my knowledge.

How was your first week at Robos?

The first impression was throughout positive, I have been warmly welcomed by everyone and I am looking forward to the cooperation.

In that short time, I could get a rough inside into processes and structures, but I have already noticed some potentials which I will work on in the future to optimize the processes in the production.

What is your goal at Robos?

The area of production includes the whole creation of value from the planning of materials up to delivery of customers’ orders. The aim here is to satisfy the customers with the highest quality of materials and products and, at the same time, with short delivery time.

What is the benefit for Robos - after the project completion?

Regarding the project competence degree, the “Master of Business Engineering” qualifies me for the job in most different economical and corporative areas and allows for the variety of specializations. Wherever digital technologies will be applied, with technical know-how and leadership skills I can add to the optimization of structures, processes and products.

Regarding the production project, the benefit is that the general processes will be slenderized, the lead time and capital commitment will be reduced, and prodigality avoided. In addition, the project shall increase the competitivity, but also continuously improve the environmental record of the company.

What do you wish from Robos?

I wish a good cooperation with the colleagues and support in case I need it.

What are your personal strengths??

If I can identify myself with a matter and it has stuck me emotionally, I stand my ground.

What is your life credo?

I don’t really have one, but I think the quotation from Pippi Longstocking suits well to the new tasks at Robos:

“I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

What do you like to do in your leisure time to compensate?

To compensate I like to go to the back training for my broken back, further I like to be in the nature, be it in the garden or for hiking, alpine climbing, or mountain biking. During a nice meal with friends and family I can unwind best.

What wouldn’t you want to do without?

I wouldn’t want to do without my family, girlfriend, and friends, because they support me in bad times.

Who would you like to swap with when you were a child?

In hindsight with nobody, I had a very nice childhood, but my former I would probably name a handball professional like Oliver Roggisch, who indeed has never shot many goals as a defender, but was known for his commitment and his force of will and became a world champion in 2007.

Thank you for the conversation, we wish you a lot of success and fun for your time at Robos.