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10. April 2014 | News

Cast Labels

High adhesive strength on rough surfaces
Cast Label with high adhesive strength.

Most often in the production processes best performance is asked from the identification. Very often the products have rough surfaces onto which conventional etiquettes do not adhere to.

For these special requirements the high-performance etiquettes were developed by Robos which stand out due to extremely high adhesive strength.

A special adhesive guarantees high initial bonding strength and durable marking, the work piece can immediately be processed.

Subsequent Marking with Variable Data on Site

The labels can individually be printed afterwards according to customers’ desires in the thermo transfer pressure method e. g. with bar codes or QR codes.

Fields of application:

Typical fields of application for these high-performance etiquettes are more cast and smithy parts, drive shafts, rolled metal, plastic parts with a structured surface, metal surfaces in the outside area, fittings and many more.

Advantages of the cast etiquettes:

  • The work pieces can be immediately further processed.
  • No adhesive bleed
  • Subsequent printability
  • Immediate high adhesive strength
  • Finishing, such as laminating, die-cutting, perforations being possible.

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