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16. January 2020 | News

Label manufacturer receives a C4G certificate for recycling 

The waste of release paper has been actively reduced 
In 2019 Robos with its partner cycle4green Ltd. could actively reduce the waste of release paper. 15.5 tons of silicone-coated release paper have been recycled. This equals to the reduction of CO2-emmissions of 31 tons. Here it is the release paper of the marginal stripes waste – that is the mate...
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12. December 2019 | News

Merry Christmas!

The Robos team wishes you wonderful Christmas
time and a happy New Year 2020.
The Robos team wants to thank you for the good and successful cooperation and for the trust put in us last year. We wish you and your family merry Christmas and health, happiness and satisfaction for the year 2020. "Nothing can strengthen someone more than the confidence put in him." (Adolf von H...
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04. November 2019 | Press release

Seawater resistant labels with variable data 

Robos received the certification in accordance with
section II and III for seawater resistant labels in UV inkjet printing
When a maritime accident occurs there is risk of cargo sinking in the sea or being washed ashore. For the rescue professionals it is then important to get clarity about the contents fast and to recognize possible dangers. For that the containers of hazardous substances must be labeled in accordan...
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08. October 2019 | Press release

Over 25 tons of release paper waste recycled 

Label production with environmental
The awareness of the environment has grown in all areas. Either the drinking straws, paper pasta packaging, the planned ban on plastic bags or furniture made of recycling materials – there is still plenty of potential to save resources which is by far not exhausted yet. The production process of ...
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11. July 2019 | News

Labels with UL-approval for the North-American market 

Information brochure about UL ready to download 
To present the complex topic of these special labels in a simple and clear way Robos has created an informative brochure which facilitates the access to this topic. Also we will be happy to advise you personally. The brochure about the UL-approval can now be downloaded here. What is UL? The UL (U...
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