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30. April 2019 | News

Covering information with opaque labels 

An address and an image have been sticked over with a new opaque label.

Do you have any valuable printed items in stock, which cannot be used anymore because addresses or other information have changed? This is not a reason to discard them. With the opaque labels any old or incorrect texts and design elements can be sticked over easily and replaced with a new content. The printing items can be reused and there is no need for a reprint. This saves costs and the further use saves the environment.

Opaque labels for any cases

An opaque material and grey adhesive will be used so the texts or codes will definitely not show through. For the applications where high resistance is required, foil materials can also be used for the opaque labels. All individual label sizes are easily possible. The labels can be printed individually according to your wishes or also remain plain.

Do you have any questions regarding the opaque labels? We are looking forward to your call.