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04. November 2019 | Press release

Seawater resistant labels with variable data 

Robos received the certification in accordance with
section II and III for seawater resistant labels in UV inkjet printing
Seawater resistant label

When a maritime accident occurs there is risk of cargo sinking in the sea or being washed ashore. For the rescue professionals it is then important to get clarity about the contents fast and to recognize possible dangers. For that the containers of hazardous substances must be labeled in accordance with legal requirements. The consistency of the labeling and its durability are also regulated.

Seawater resistant labels must meet particular requirements regarding material and imprint; the adherence and legibility must be guaranteed for three months when they come into contact with seawater. The requirements are defined in the norm of British Standard 5609 section II and III.

Printing method for the production of seawater resistant labels

One possibility is the silk-screen production – it offers bold colors due to its thick paint application, high abrasion resistance and UV resistance. However, printing forms are necessary and only full tone special colors can be printed. Later these labels can be imprinted locally only with suitable certified color ribbons, but this is mostly possible in monochrome black.

Flexible and efficient – digital printing 5-colored with UV inkjet

Robos has now aimed for the certification for the seawater resistant labels for its printing machine TAU to be able to produce efficiently and customer-oriented. The TAU is able to produce labels in quality comparable to silkscreen, but also offers all the advantages of digital printing. No printing forms are necessary since the printing data go directly to the printing machine. This way flexible print runs with changing motifs are possible. Also variable data like numeration and codes which make every label unique can be realized with the TAU. Additionally, the TAU can print labels 4-colored plus white. This makes every desired motif possible.


If the variable data is known prior to the beginning of the label production, then it is more comfortable to integrate the variable data into the label printing process directly. The digital printing of seawater resistant labels is more cost-effective and flexible when different sorts and diverse print runs are required as well. The TAU stills offers the possibility to print colored images in brilliant quality.