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07. June 2018 | Press release

Ideas in color – calligraphy at Robos 

The calligraphy artist Sigrid Artmann has creatively designed the gallery
of the new company building. 
When you enter the gallery on the first floor of the entry area at Robos, you get obviously impressed. The 4.6 m long and 2.5 m high motif, designed in vivid green and yellow tones, catches your sight. On the aquarelle colored areas, letters and letterings can be found in inspiring wild forms, wr...
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30. April 2018 | News

Reusable glass bottles in elegant design 

Robos supports “Viva con Agua”
Either for lunch, to coffee or during a festive dinner, people like to drink a glass of water now and then to satisfy their thirst. Usually, some fresh tap water will be served, because it does not contain gas and does not have a negative impact on the digestion. To serve water at a dining table...
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09. April 2018 | Press release

UV inkjet labels – flexible and powerful

The economic alternative to silk screen 
The labeling market has changed – small and medium print runs in diverse versions as well as shorter delivery time and variable data printing are increasingly required. In this respect digital printing is the printing method of the first choice. It becomes exciting when high requirements will be ...
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13. March 2018 | News

Retirement of Mr. Ristl

almost 20 years Mr. Ristl has been retired – well-deserved. 
Mr. Ristl started his career at Robos on October 1st, 1998 as a clerk in marketing department and in project assistance. In October 2010 he took over the management of ordering department and since 2012 also the management of the shipping department. We wish him all the best for his future.
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01. March 2018 | Press release

Genuine fruit brandy – a clear matter! 

Bottle neck hangers inform the consumer and attract their attention.
Bottle neck hangers – brilliant colors and robust quality. As a consumer you are usually spoilt for a choice. A vernacular saying goes: “schnapps is schnapps!”. But be careful: a schnapps is not necessarily a fruit brandy. Not every clear spirit with a fruit on its label is a genuine fruit brandy...
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