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03. December 2018 | News

  Mysterious eyes in the jungle 

from “Kalagrafik” have designed metallic labels for Robos. 
Metallic labels

The happy motifs of two artists are perfectly suitable for presenting the possibilities of the digital printing. Vibrant colorful backgrounds, black thick lines and white striking eyes: this is the style which the small graphics company “Kalagrafik” has specialized in during the last years. The never perfect, but through this unbelievably beautiful personal drawings from Hannover are the signature feature of Laura Drechsler and Kai Glaser. Every viewing offers something new to discover. Adventurously, they test different surfaces and materials, starting with wooden blocks over jeans jackets up to concrete walls. For Robos the two have chosen creative excerpts from their sketch books, colored them in a new way and thus designed a new series of metallic labels for Robos.

Maxing out the advantages of digital printing

The labels shimmer in diverse color tones with their phantasy motifs. Especially apparent are the color brilliance of the digital printing and the possibility of partial white shading, which can stress single picture elements. The metallic labels, which can be perfectly produced in sorts and different print runs, are additionally robust and resistant. Either weather, abrasion or essential oils, the labels stay readable and look good even after a long time. If required, laminates can come into action to protect the high-quality labels.

Metallic labels starting with print run 1

Also for the consecutive numbering, variable image data or personalization of matte or glossy labels, the digital printing is the suitable printing method, because there are no costs for printing plates and the machine doesn’t have to be re-equipped. This way small print runs or sample prints can be realized cost-effectively. Our consultants have a long-termed experience and are familiar to almost all requirements by our customers.

The metallic labels can be requested as a free-of-charge sample at Robos.