3D-Labels grade up your product, they are UV- and weather-resistant.

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3D-Labels High-value finish for company logos
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3D-Labels made of Cast Resin - Brilliant and Plasticised

Sophisticated Advertising- and Decoration Labels with an Optical Effect.

For 3-D labels liquid resin is added onto the printed surface of the label. This refining technique gives a very precious 3-D-effect and most convenient haptics to the finished label. The layer applied is crystal-clear, does not become yellow, and it can have a height of up to several millimetres. 3-D labels are high UV- and weather-resistant, and stay crystal clear even in the case of long-run outdoor use. Furthermore the cast resin is available in different lamination layers, always depending on how flexible or firm the label finally must be.


During its application the resin spreads evenly all over the surface. The shape of the resin flattens towards the borders and closes the cast resin layer smoothly towards the brink of the label. For low print runs as well as for high print runs computerised robots are used for the application of the resin in order to be able to guarantee a constant quality. For the hardening a UV-light curing device is used. The 3-D labels are also called cast resin labels or doming-labels.


For Protected and at the same time Optically Outstanding Markings.

The cast resin finishing gives a three-dimensional look to the label and the colours sparkle more compared to conventional printing products that do not have this kind of refinement. Besides the additional optical value the resin layer is characterised by an increased protection against outside influences. The liners are high-quality UV- and weather-resistant plastic films. Depending on the area of application a variety of high-performance glues are applied.


Stand out from your Competitors!

Cast resin labels are used in all business and industry sectors. Specifically where and when particular attention be directed to company logos or product identifiers. Certainly also individual shapes and even very small 3-D labels are possible.

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