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Brilliant tag labels in digital printing open up new possibilities.

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Tag Labels Functional and attractive.
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Tag Labels made by Robos.

Stay on the Ball, and win - Customers!

Robos uses its digital possibilities with its two HP indigo printing machines for the production of tag labels.


Advertising specifically with great events

There are regional, national and international great events every year which are picked up thematically for all sorts of advertising measures. Different advertising media can be elected for that. Matching the Soccer World Cup in Brazil, Robos has picked up the topics Brazil and the Soccer World Cup on his tag labels. The concrete cause is an advertising measure of a big beverage manufacturer who decorates his six-packs of drinks and the beverage crates with Robos tag labels. Gorgeous colourful motives in several kinds, such as samba dancers, as well as additional functions adorn the products and thus attract attention directly at the point of sales. By the advantages of the digital printing at grade changes, a high colour brilliance as well as the placement of variable data, there is the possibility of designing every label individually.


Attractive and Multifunctional

The tag labels, conceived for six-packs and beverage bottles, do not only attract attention and cause party mood but they moreover have many interesting functions.

Win Code on the Tag Label

By an individualized profit code the customer can enter his code on a web site and take part in the competition. Thus addresses of the relevant target groups can be generated specifically.

QR-Code on the Tag Label

A QR-Code, which is read out with a smart phone, leads to every web site desired. The make image and further effects can be presented most comprehensively and transported. Moreover, the customer can be encouraged to carry out specific actions e. g. in social networks, and thus in addition can positively support the advertising measure.

Personalisation of the Tag Labels

The shirt on the back of the tag label was personalized with different names. Whenever products go specifically with tag labels from Robos to predefined end consumers, then an individual approach on a label causes high attention. The personalisation with common first names or funny identifiers of an item achieves that the end consumer gives the products more attention at the Point of Sale, as has been proved in the case of the Coca-Cola campaign „Share-a-Coke-with…“.

Various Possibilities of Attaching

The tag label can be supplied with various glued surfaces; glued to a loop for example it can be hinged onto the carton of a six-pack. On the other hand, a glued surface can be fitted at the end of the strap that allows gluing the label straightforward to a bottle or to an individual bundle.

Digital Printing – High-Grade, Flexible & Individual.

The production of tag labels in the digital printing has many advantages: Until shortly before the real production date alterations can be carried out on the motive. Short-term test series and test samples for test markets are feasible in arbitrary run lengths from just one single piece. These are considerably more favourable compared to conventional methods since no printing plates are needed in the digital printing and no machines have to be converted. As a result set-up times are much shorter.


Whether personalization, regionalization or seasonalization: At an increasing individualization of the customers the digital printing can fully play his price advantages at kinds and versions and might be the perfect solution. The whole colour spectrum is at the disposal in the best quality, as well metallic effects, that represent an economical alternative to the hot or cold foil stamp.

Hard-Wearing Materials

Several different materials are available; e. g. adhesive paper or filmic adhesive foils which remain even under special conditions in case of outdoor application such as UV-radiation, humidity or even light abrasion. Individual and unusual cutting are also possible, if required security features are also available. Just talk to us about your ideas, your wishes and your requirements.


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