Metal- and Aluminium-Shields

Robust metal- and aluminium shields mark instruments, machines and equipment.

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Metal- and Aluminium-Shields Scratch- and corrosion-proof.
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Metal- and Aluminium-Shields – Long Life despite Heavy Strain.

Perfectly marked when push comes.

Metal- and aluminium-shields are extremely robust. They are applied in extremely strained places, such as device marking of machinery and equipment or on public buildings, parking places or construction sites. They are weather-resistant, easy to clean and they have advantages against usual forms of marking, such as labels; in case of vandalism, so, for example, even graffitis can be removed with aggressive cleaning agents without any problem. Provided with punch numbers or type codes, metal- and aluminium shields are elementary components of high-quality and long-life markings on heavy machinery and devices, therefore must perform their tasks even for decades. Metal- and aluminium-shields do not bend; they are resistant to scratching and corrosion and thus perfectly suitable for outdoor use.


Well Fixed – Lasting for almost Eternity.

The metal- and aluminium-shields can be supplied with drill-holes and screwed-on or they can be glued-on with transfer-glue. For extremely high potentials, such as resistance against fuel and acids as well as the persistence in case of temperatures of up to 600 ° C and high mechanical loads, shields made from anodised aluminium (Eloxal) can be used. Eloxal shields are produced in Eloxal printing, also called anodic subsurface printing. Eloxal printing allows printing into the Eloxal layer of anodised aluminium. To do that, the aluminium shield is anodised open-pored, printed in sieve or digital printing, afterwards the Eloxal layer is densified again, by that process the print image is cleanly closed and protected up from the surface.


The Correct Shield for your Application – We would be glad to give you our advice.

Metal- and aluminium-shields are most multi-functional and, therefore, can be used in all sectors of industry. We can supply shields from stainless steel, brass or aluminium. The marking of the shields can be etched, anodized, printed or lasered, quite individually matching the fields of application of the respective shield.

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