High-value barcode-labels for marking of goods, for logistical processes and for taking inventory.

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Barcode-Labels 2D & 3D-Codes – 100% controlled.
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Bar Code Labels

Reliable Product Information

A bar code exists of variably broad bars and gaps that are grouped in a parallel way. The data are depicted in binary symbols. The bar codes can be read and analysed with special scanners or cameras. The labels are named EAN-label or barcode-label.


100 Percent of Control

Individually and according to the customers’ wishes, classical one-dimensional or even com-plex two-dimensional barcodes, 2D-Data-Matrix-Codes, alpha numerical signs or numberings are read-out of a data bank and then printed. Because of special printing methods we are even in a position to print most small 2D-codes with a minimum size of at least 5 x 5 mm or polychrome, so-called 3D-codes. Using a video control system, we can carry out a 100 % control of the barcodes, to avoid duplicate or unreadable codes.


Barcode-Labels – Lots of Information on a small Area

Thus article numbers, dates of expiry or batch numbers can be stored on a small self-adhesive label. They, for example, serve to supervise the commodity flow or the inventory. Furthermore internal processes can be optimised with barcode labels or shipments of goods can be traced or identity cards and tickets can be verified. We cannot imagine logistic procedures, processing in producing plants and the marking of goods in super markets without bar code labels as information-bearing media anymore.

We will find the Optimum Solution for you.

Do talk to us about your requirements. We will find the best materials and the appropriate typographical implementation for the production of your labels.


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