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The manifold booklet labels include lots of information in a jiffy.

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Booklet-Labels Folded brochures as adhesive labels.
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Booklet labels, fan folded labels and leaflet labels

The advantage of these labels lies within the possibility of placing considerable amount of information in a small space. This is particularly useful when multilingual texts, safety warnings or the instructions for use shall be placed. The booklet labels are very flexible in their size, the number of pages and the form.

For the most diverse applications in all branches we will find a labeling solution tailored to the needs of our customers.

Booklet labels and fan folded labels
The folded brochure with fan folding contains numerous information.

Booklet labels and fan folded labels – what is the difference?

Booklet labels and fan folded labels are small folded brochures on an adhesive label in individual sizes. While the booklet label will be read as a tiny book, the fan folded label will be produced as a Z-fold and can be opened in a full length. The fan folded label is also called leaflet label.

The advantages in an overview

  • Considerable amount of information can be placed with minimum space requirement
  • Important information is placed captive on the product directly
  • A vast number of applications for appealing marketing measures is possible
  • Booklet labels are flexible in form, sizing and number of pages
  • Multifunctional
  • Ideal for promotions Ideal
  • High attention by the customers
  • Awakens curiosity and the play instinct
  • Can contain hidden winning codes

How many pages a booklet label can contain?

Due to the pages being folded on the inner side of the brochure, for example up to 10 sheets can be placed on a basic booklet label sized 100 x 100 mm, which again equals to 20 pages of information.

Which label sizes are possible?

The smallest booklet label has a page size of approx. 28 x 25 mm (approx. 1.1 x 0.98 inch). The maximum possible booklet format is 300 x 450 mm (approx. 11.81 x 17.71 inch).

Are round booklet labels available?

Booklet labels and fan folded labels can be designed very flexibly. This way not only squared, but also round booklet labels and even specially formed labels are possible.

Which contents are especially suitable for the tiny books and fan folds?

  • Multilingual texts: this way you can export your products anywhere and need to adhere just one booklet. On the inside of these informative labels any number of languages can be placed.
  • Instruction of use and dosing indication
  • Patient information leaflet for medications
  • Safety warnings on chemicals
  • Assembly instructions for prefabricated parts
  • Recipe suggestions on food packaging
  • Information about sweepstakes
  • Advertising of promotions
  • Sales promotion within the product family

How are the booklet labels structured technically?

A booklet label contains of three parts:

  • Basic label
  • Folded part (booklet)
  • Seal (laminate)
Basic label:

The basic labels connects the booklet with the product. Here the adhesive plays an important role. The basic label can be equipped with an adhesive, which can even stick to a slightly oily substrates. The standard is a permanent adhesive. If the booklet has to be adhered to an arched surface, the basic label has to be shortened so there is no tension within the label which can lead to a crack in the worst case. We can produce the basic label as a “mount” for the label, print it as an additional page or provide it with a winning code.

Book/folded part:

The book is the main part of a booklet label. For simple applications the paper can be printed in monochrome and dispensed on the basic label without a flap. For easier opening of the booklet a flap can be integrated. When colored components need to be inserted, a multicolor printing is possible without any problems. Almost any number of pages and paper thickness can be chosen. Moreover, there are materials, which can be used outdoors permanently.


On the one hand, the laminate connects the folded part with the basic label and provides it with premium looks, on the other hand it protects the whole label from the external influences. The standard here is a transparent, permanently adhesive material. Batch numbers or best before information can be printed by you subsequently.

Waterproof booklet label
Waterproof booklet label made of plastic material for outdoors.

Are the booklet labels resealable?

The self-adhesive booklet labels with the folded brochure inside are not only easy to open, but also resealable. Ask us for the options.

Is the wrap-around application also possible?

Either flat- or wrap-around application, these special labels can be also applied anywhere, where a usual adhesive label can come into action.

Are there any booklet labels for outdoor use?

The materials of the folded brochures depend on the latter purpose. For usual requirements in a dry environment mostly paper is used. When higher requirements are set, e.g. humid environment, then plastic materials can be processed. This way weatherproof booklet labels can be produced for example for outdoor use at a building site and contain assembly instructions and other important information.

Can these special adhesive labels be provided with variable data, codes or personalization?

Variable data and personalization of booklet labels and fan folded labels is possible without any problems. Send your special request to us, we will find a booklet solution tailored to your needs.

Which possibilities for marketing do the booklet labels offer?

Booklet and fan folded labels turn your product to an eye-catcher and attracts customers’ attention. The booklet labels can advertise other products of the product family or contain information about promotional actions or sweepstakes. The booklets can remain captive on the product, which is useful for medications and chemicals or also be detached and stored when necessary.

Which possibilities are offered by this labeling solution for the corporate design??

The booklet label contains lots of information, but the appealing appearance of your product remains unchanged due to the space-saving label. Your product will not be overloaded with extensive labels. The labels with small folded parts can be printed four-colored or monochrome, so your logo and your corporate colors will be displayed perfectly.

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