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The manifold booklet labels include lots of information in a jiffy.

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Booklet-Labels Folded brochures as adhesive labels.
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Booklets and leaflets

Lots of Information in a very small Space

Booklet labels are small, folded brochures fixed on an adhesive label. The big advantage is the information density in a most compact space. As to the handling there is more or less no difference between a booklet-label and a common adhesive label. But, when you open it, it shows respective information on its interior. And the showstopper is that the folded and self-adhesive brochure is not only easy to open, it also can be produced for being re-closed as easily again. As the inside pages of the brochure are folded, 10 leaves, i. e. 20 pages of information can be registered on a basic label of 100 x 100 mms, without any problem. This means that your label contains lots of information, but the attractive optical view of your product remains unchanged because of the space-saving booklet-label.

Folded brochure as adhesive label.

Flexible and Individual – As You Like It.

The booklet label itself can be designed most flexibly. This means that not only square, but also round, triangular, oval or even special shapes are feasible. The smallest booklet label that momentarily can be made may have a lateral length of about 25 mm. The biggest size for a booklet label momentarily is 200 mm. An additional advantage of the booklet-labels is their multifunctional practicality. Whether flat- or cone-shaped surfaces, a booklet-label can be fixed anywhere, where a “normal” self-adhesive label can be fixed. Without any problem you may export your products to any country you want, you only have to stick a booklet-label onto them. Due to the possibilities inside a booklet-label, there is no problem to place up to e. g. twelve different languages in it.

Place important product information or instructions on products.

Weatherproof Booklet-Labels – Whenever Required for Outdoors as well.

The materials of the folded brochures depend on the intended use. For normal needs in dry surroundings mainly paper is used. Whenever higher demands are made, such as damp surroundings, synthetic materials can be utilised. Booklet-labels e. g. can be produced for outdoor applications on construction areas, containing mounting instructions and any other kind of important information necessary.

Water resistant Booklet-Labels for outdoor use.

Booklet-Labels – Ideal Means for Promotion.

Attractive give-aways such as tattoos or cumulative labels make booklet-labels even more precious. Individual codes or special effects like scratch areas with perfumed and/or fluorescing colours can be applied and thus give a very special appearance to your products at the „point of sale“.

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