Braille Lettering Labels

Warning notices for the blind can be applied to the packaging of goods as palpable Braille lettering labels.

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Braille Lettering Labels Braille lettering produced at low cost.
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Embossed-Printing-Labels – Tangibly Good.

Relief Varnishes Making Product Markings Palpable.

When people with a severe visual impairment get a product in an ordinary packaging they cannot see which product it is. Nor is it clear if there are any warning notices. According to ISO 11683 dangerous products must be provided with palpable warning notices.


Safety as to Marking.

One solution warrantor is the so-called Braille lettering – embossed, palpable characters. These are applied onto foils or papers by special print processes, e. g. screen printing – blind people or people with a severe visual impairment thus can be “reading by touching”. The raster for each character is composed by six dots. Three dots are in the height and three dots in the breadth, thus resulting in 64 combination possibilities. This way you can ensure that e. g. information about harmful properties or any other information reaches the customers – regardless of being visually impaired or not.

Fields of Application:

Fields of application might be drug packaging, chemicals with hazardous goods signs as well as key structures of cash terminals.

Braille Lettering Labels – the Low-Cost Alternative

As the low cost variation of a complete outer packaging, transparent labels with Braille lettering can be produced that can be affixed subsequently.

Technical Data:

The labels can be made from paper, polypropylene-foil and polyethylene-foil, in white, transparent or silver-coloured foil. Furthermore the labels can be multi-colour printed if the label shall be utilised for multiple functions and addressees. A lot of other refinements as well are possible and conceivable.

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