Funny face labels create party mood during sporty highlights, events and carnival.

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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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Colourface-Labels Skin stickers labor tested.
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Colourface – Stickers for Your Face

The Extreme Face Decoration

Colourface is the ideal advertising medium for big events such as the Football World Cup, the Olympic Games or any other sporty highlights. With Colourface-Stickers make your product, your company and your message visibly well centred. Regardless if National Flags, Cubs’ Emblems, halloween- or beauty-motives are chosen, with Colourface each motive will be an absolute eye-catcher. Colourface products are innovative stickers for the direct contact with the skin. Mainly stickers for faces are desired. But also any other part of the body may be decorated, e. g. arms, legs, or the décolleté. Colourface labels are made from a special eudermic material and can, contrarily to makeup or water soluble tattoos, be detached and stuck on again. Colourface is laboratory tested, and completely inoffensive for health.


Eudermic and Easy to Peel Off

Especially on the occasion of sports events, music events and for promotion purposes Colourface face stickers are quite fancy advertising media. ROBOS produces the facial stickers individually according to your requests from a small sticker, via partial masks up to complete facial masks. We would be glad to translate your own ideas or individual desires! Even in small quantities. Do you have any questions or would you like to order samples from us directly? We would be glad to inform you.


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