Decoration Labels

Decoration labels are refined with metallic effects, embossing, holograms, perfumes or other effects.
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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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Decoration Labels Embossments, metallic effects and more.
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Decoration Labels – when your Customers expect more.

Refined Labels are real Eye Catchers at the Point of Sale.

The markets for bodycare products, food and luxury products are immense and confusing. The customer takes his purchase decision on the basis of various factors. However, advertising and the packaging of the products do play an important part to the purchase decision. At the point of sale your product must set itself apart from the competing products, it must stand out and have a sophisticated and attractive appearance. Your product should attract such a lot of attention and create interest respectively that the customer will snatch it spontaneously.


Put your Product into the Focus.

There are many possibilities in order to draw more attention to your products. You can provide your labels with metallic effects in gold and silver or other metallic-colourings, with embossing, holograms, sparkling effects, haptics properties and odour effects. Technically there are many possibilities - that is why, very often, there are almost no boundaries to the fantasy of the marketing experts.


Also No-Label-Look-Labels that look like direct prints-on can provide for a refined and cool appearance. Furthermore you might use strikingly styled tag labels with the possibilities of a game that shift your products into the viewers' vision field.


Refined Labels of Robos deliver their Promises.

Depending on the application of the product, labels must be waterproof, resistant to abrasion, greases and essential oils and at the same time retain their brilliant colours. A lot of shapes and finishings are possible. Whenever a lot of information must be attached to the product, multi-layer-labels or booklet labels are the most outstanding alternatives. We have got good ideas and product solutions for you


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