Documentation Labels

Documentation labels allow that portions or the complete label are transferred after adhesion.

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Documentation Labels Block form also available.
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Documentation Labels – Multiple Availability of Important Information.

Safe Documentation of Information and Processes.

Documentation labels are mainly character¬ised by the fact that, after the base label had been stuck down, parts of the label or the complete label can be pulled off and glued onto another surface.


You are not allowed to lose Any Information?

Then the unequivocal marking of documents and files is indispensable. The documentation labels are mainly used for in-plant logistic processes or when recording warranty cases. In the same way medicine administered can be documented in patients’ files or in vaccination cards. The documentation labels are easy to handle and can be produced in the individual formats you desire. We certainly can supply your documentation labels as blocks that will allow for a guaranteed, easy handling in the daily hospital or labour routine.


Ajusted to your Requirements.

The documentation labels are produced from special multi-layer label materials. These materials are also called sandwich-materials because of the several layers they are made from. I. e. during the die cutting process not all layers are die-cut, thus the labels get different shapes and areas that can be detached separately. Quite a lot of materials as well as special glues are available. So, for example, the labels can be printed with bar-codes, QR-codes, consecutive numbering or any other information. Documentation labels can also contain safety features such as micro-lettering or special areas that are covered by lacquers. Do describe us your field of application or give us your problem definition. We will get the solution that match your requirements.

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