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Decorative holograms for trademark protection

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Hologram labels Protect the original.
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Remarkably good: unforgeable holograms

Product upgrade and trademark protection

Holograms are not only good-looking, they also give the consumer the feeling of holding a high-class product in their hands. Packaging with an individual hologram conveys premium quality and positively stands out from the competition.

Hologram labels for decoration and brand protection.
Color effects become visible when changing the viewing angle.

Even under the security aspects the hologram labels loom large because product counterfeits cause enormous economic loss worldwide. The manufacturers of branded products have wide-ranged possibilities to protect their products against counterfeits and plagiarism and to make them distinguishable by diverse security features.

Security features not only for professionals

A hologram has four security levels. There are design elements, special effects (e.g. kinetic effects) and difficult to see or even invisible security features. The obvious features like different visualization and color effects can be seen by the customer when changing the viewing angle. Other features like micro texts and lens effects can be checked by the customs. In addition, there are hidden and invisible elements which are only visible to skilled inspectors or in laboratories. Some security features are patented with the result that a 100% forgery protection can be achieved.

Use of hologram labels

Along with the product upgrade and the protection of originality, hologram labels can be used as security seals and type-plates. The security features can be combined with QR- and barcodes. Holograms can be imprinted with various data subsequently. The labels are already used in many branches of industry and protect high-class products, for example medicines, electronic and fashion items.

Individual hologram labels with security features.
Different visualization and colorful presentation.

Hologram labels for small and medium-sized enterprises

Until now, individualized security holograms were almost unaffordable for small and medium enterprises. Robos offers relatively cheap hologram labels, manufactured individually, in good quality and in the wide range of colors.

Hologram labels - product range

  • individual hologram design: design, form, format and style can be determined freely
  • nine different design colors
  • transparent pricing for design, samples and transportation
  • dot matrix / e-beam tamper evident holograms / stamping foils
  • hologram registration at IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association)

You don't have an individual template for a hologram design?

That's not a problem: If you don't have a design for a hologram, we will support you with design development by creating two art-works at first. If the suggestions don't meet with approval, than based on these suggestions we develop an individual design together with the customer.

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