Inspection Plates with Documentary Character

Inspection plates are protected against manipulation and resistant against light and humidity.

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Inspection Plates Made from non transferable foils.
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Inspection Plates with Documentary Character

Secure Documentation of Maintenance and Control.

Machinery and equipment must be controlled and maintained regularly. Such controls are safeguarded by inspection plates made from documentary foil with manipulation protection. Here the identification plates are directly attached to the controlled equipment stating the controls carried out or foreseen. The inspection plates for the control of production facilities are mostly circular. In order to prevent manipulation and fraud, these inspection plates are made from special materials and provided with special security features. Furthermore the labels are non-fading, moisture-proof and robust. Fields of application for inspection plates are, among others, various safety topics such as the BGV A 3 control or the environment stickers in most of the large German cities.


Inspection Plates are protected against Manipulation and not transferable.

This is made by using high-value foil material that falls into pieces in case of unauthorised access. In those cases also Void-Foils, Checkerboard-Foils and Foils with Security Stamping are applied. VOID-foils have got special adhesive and leave a VOID-Lettering on the base in case of being detached. Checkerboard foils leave a chess pattern and thus document any attempt of removal. Thus the label is destroyed and the base shows traces of the manipulation. Labels out of document foil are ideal for closure seals, counterfeit protection labels and name plates for the marking of devices and components as well.


Inspection Plates – Easy to Handle.

In the case of inspection plates the numbers of month and year mostly can be marked with a hole-punch or pen in order to clearly indicate the next inspection date.


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