Inventory Labels

Inventory labels with bar-codes mark your property. Can also subsequently be marked on site.

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Here you will find intelligent label solutions assorted according to business lines.

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Inventory Labels Numbered and with or without bar-codes.
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Inventory Labels

Your Property well Protected

With inventory labels you upgrade your internal processes and you spoil the pilferers’ luck. Abusiveness is prevented effectively. You may have the inventory labels with the text you desire, with consecutive numbering, bar-codes or logos. Most different formats are possible – just ask us your questions.


Prevent Theft and Misuse

Inventory labels made from security foil cannot be trans¬ferred without being damaged, as the tear-proof power foil is provided with security glue that prevents all kinds of manipulations. Whenever somebody tries to undo the label, there will remain evident signs on the property. A big advantage of the inventory labels is their extreme temperature resistance: They retain their characteristics from -40°C up to +80°C.

Various Possibilities of the Audit-Compliant Taking of the Inventory

The First Option: Inventory-Software

An inventory-software is applied. In that case the objects are entered into a list by name and the soft-ware will allocate a special inventory number or one may choose that number themselves. As an alternative you may make out a data file yourself, in Access or in Excel. The user can assign a group “and / or” a number, as a barcode to each object. That barcode, for example, is printed onto special labels with a thermo transfer printer onto the labels. These may be hard to undo or heavily adhesive.


For their readability, in addition to the barcode, a plain writing (readable contents of the barcode) is printed onto as well. Thus the labels are finally printed with a consecutive barcode and the variable data according to the customer’s demand. The labels produced this way are fixed to the objects that were registered and thus can be read in again with a scanner at any time.

Second Possibility: Subsequent Lettering On-Site

As an alternative a thermo transfer printer can be used on-site and only the non-printed labels in the size, the kind of material and the quantities requested, will be ordered. With the roll labels that will be supplied, it will be easy for you to print the labels yourself.


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